undergraduate program

The Asian University for Women opened its doors in 2008 and today enrolls 500 students from 15 Asian countries and many cultural and religious backgrounds in the first two years of undergraduate study.

The Curriculum

Similar to American-style liberal arts institutions, AUW's undergraduate curriculum consists of four years of study. The curriculum seeks to develop in students: creativity of thought and vision, critical thinking and reasoning skills, and exceptional writing and speaking skills. The goal is to provide each student with the breadth of knowledge and skills to pursue challenging and rewarding careers and to lead interesting lives. The integration of both abstract and applied studies encourages students to link theoretical understanding with contemporary issues and challenges facing Asia and the world.

The undergraduate curriculum consists of a core curriculum, a major, and elective courses. The core curriculum follows a "modes of thought and reasoning" model and requires students to take courses in social analysis, ethical reasoning, literature, civilization studies, and the arts, science and mathematics, writing and rhetoric intensive seminars, and regional challenges in Asia. Typical types of courses offered include Social and Political Thought, World Literature, An Introduction to Asian Religions through Art, Human Rights, Art of the Personal Essay, Physics, Calculus, and Public Health Challenges in Asia.

The University offers five undergraduate majors:

Elective courses in psychology, sociology, anthropology, English, philosophy, history, politics, mathematics, Chinese language, as well as in many other areas, complete the curriculum and offer students a myriad of choices.