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Asian University for Women, Chittagong, Bangladesh

The Asian University for Women (AUW) was founded in 2008 under a special charter from the Parliament of Bangladesh as an independent international university with full institutional autonomy and academic freedom. AUW’s mission is to prepare women from all socioeconomic backgrounds, primarily from Asian countries, to be knowledgeable, competent, thoughtful, ethical, and effective leaders. The University is deeply committed to serving women from underprivileged backgrounds and promoting tolerance and understanding among people from different societies. The majority of AUW students are the first in their family to enroll in university.

The academic programs consist of a transitional preparatory year called the Access Academy followed by a rigorous three-year undergraduate program. The undergraduate program comprises a liberal arts and sciences core curriculum and in-depth study in a major such as Economics, Environmental Sciences, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, or Public Health. Instruction is in English. The Dean of the Faculty and Pro Vice Chancellor must have an excellent knowledge of and experience in the higher education sector, particularly in developing and managing academic programs.

Excellence and Equity

The Asian University for Women is dedicated to the pursuit of the highest quality academic instruction possible, while maintaining a commitment to making this academic community accessible on an equitable basis to women of varying backgrounds. The university was founded on the belief that higher education is necessary for women to acquire the knowledge, skills, and networks often required for leadership. The University continually seeks to improve its academic program and the quality of faculty, courses, overall curriculum, and student accountability to ensure the best institutional performance possible.

The young women who come to AUW bring with them a multitude of ethnic, religious, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds which are essential for the University’s vitality. AUW’s highest ideal in student selection and student learning is equity of access. In order for AUW to achieve its mission of cultivating the next generation of women leaders in Asia and the Middle East, the University must welcome talented women of any background. AUW’s students have overcome obstacles of poverty, war, and experienced political instability in their pursuit of higher education. The University firmly believes that no class of society has a monopoly on talent, and it is the academic community’s responsibility to make education accessible on the equitable basis of merit, not personal resources.


The University seeks a Dean of the Faculty and Pro Vice Chancellor. The position calls for an outstanding academic leader who is competent, experienced, passionate and dedicated to steering the future of this university at the highest levels. The successful candidate will have achieved the rank of Professor and have at least five years of academic administrative experience at the Dean or higher level.  The candidate must have an excellent understanding of liberal arts education and how it cultivates the mind and instills joy of learning. AUW’s liberal arts education encourages students to challenge assumptions, ask good questions and reach conclusions with reasoning and evidence. The Dean of the Faculty and Pro Vice Chancellor will be responsible for the overall curriculum planning and academic programs; enhance academic excellence; and help build the university into a center for teaching and scholarly excellence in areas that it focuses on.

The Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty must have exemplary organizational and communication skills, and a deep understanding of the needs of a multicultural academic community. He or she will develop academic programs and oversee numerous staff. The Dean and PVC should possess a thorough understanding of the South Asian region, and deep familiarity with the issues and challenges facing the wider Asia and Middle East regions from which AUW students are recruited. This position demands creativity, innovation and an unrelenting social commitment in order to improve the curriculum continuously to be the most rigorous it can be, while at the same time remaining responsive to the mission of AUW as stated in its Charter. With the vast majority of AUW students attending on full scholarship, every member of the University must be fully committed to the education of women who come from the lower socioeconomic strata, and the Dean and PVC must be a role model for inclusivity and the belief that talent exists in all sectors of society. The Dean and PVC must possess integrity of the highest order, ability to deal with ambiguity, and a sense of humor.

Working under the general guidance of the Vice Chancellor, the Dean of the Faculty and Pro Vice Chancellor will collaborate with the VC, CFO, COO, Director of Admissions, Office of the Registrar, Dean of Students, Director of Career Development Center, and other senior faculty and staff members.

The Dean of the Faculty and Pro Vice Chancellor will be responsible for:

This position starts on June 1, 2015 or earlier.

A complete application should include the following:

Applications should be emailed to: Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.

Last updated in February 2015